Owning a Birdhouse is a beautiful thing, and as with all things of beauty they require care. We have added a few notable items that will enhance your knowledge of the world of birdhouses and more.

How to Care for Birdhouses


Whether for their beautiful songs or their majestic looks, bluebirds and wrens contribute an unforgettable presence to your garden. This makes adding a bluebird house or a wren house one of the best things you can do to keep your garden stunning and serene. But merely putting a house in your yard doesn’t ensure that birds will visit. The following care tips will help you keep bluebirds and wrens abundant and healthy for the long haul:

Bluebird House Care (Bluebird houses are sold as a pre-drilled kit with all hardware)

Bluebirds are low-maintenance birds; if you put their houses in the proper location, they’re likely to nest. Bluebird's will raise between four or more broods of offspring each year. Between each brood, throw the old nest away to encourage new nesting activity. A fresh water source will help immensely. Putting a dripper on a bird bath is easy and a great way to attract all bird species. 

Wren House Care

Caring for wren houses is much easier as they will raise a new brood in an existing nest. Wrens will nest virtually anywhere, in anything. So putting there nesting box in a protected, shaded area will keep the chicks cooler and help with their survival rate. Plus they are fun to watch, and listen to their unmistakable song.

"What a great idea for a great program! I have seen this style of bluebird box and really like it’s’ appearance. I have a small farm outside of Columbia, and plan on starting a bluebird trail of Gamecock houses."

- A. Marshall