Our Story

The most amazing thing about working around people with disabilities and special needs is that you realize their wants and needs are exactly like everyone else’s. They understand the joy of working, and they definitely understand the importance and pride of earning their own income.

Taking Flight was started to allow these special people to gain wood working skills and manufacture a product that in turn, provides enjoyment for those who purchase their birdhouses. At the same time, it enables them to make a good wage, which makes them less reliant on governmental programs. It also offers an opportunity to take their wood working skills and apply them to jobs outside the special needs community, working alongside their fellow citizens.

Thank you for your interest and support of the special needs community! If you are new to birding as a hobby, or already an avid nature lover, we hope our “special products” bring something special to your life!

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"Easy to assemble, and a fun project with the kids. We live in the upstate and have seen lots of bluebirds. The whole family is looking forward to trying to attract them to our nesting box."

- C. Cox - Furman Fan